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Tall Plastic Flower Vases - Pink Flowering Plant.

Tall Plastic Flower Vases

tall plastic flower vases

tall plastic flower vases - Glass Cylinder

Glass Cylinder Vase 10.5"

Glass Cylinder Vase 10.5"

One Glass 10.5" Cylinder Vase. Size: 10 1/2" Tall x 3 3/8" Wide. Diameter of opening is approximately 3 1/4". Cylinder vases are perfect for floral arrangements, 3 inch floating candles, or 3"x9" pillar candles. Candles sold separately. This set will be professionally packed to arrive quickly and undamaged. We ship QUICK! All orders shipped within 1 business day of your order. All orders received by 3:00 PM will be shipped the SAME day. Need your Candles Quick? Order from Quick Candles! Have a question? Need a larger quantity? Call our friendly customer service at 1-800-928-6175.

79% (6)

352 365, My Representational Shelf

352 365, My Representational Shelf

This is my bedroom shelf, decorated very carefully with my most sentimental items... and pretty gifts that need a place to sit. This shelf is a representation of me, as I see myself. See notes for specifics.

The one thing you cannot see on the shelf is a 2.5" tall Japanese statue of a wise man. It is carved of ivory, probably in the late 30's, and opens up to reveal a very delicate carving of three men climbing a ladder. It was one of the items kept in a large curio cabinet in my parent's home. The cabinet itself was 7' tall and made of intricately carved of oak interspersed with twisted wire mesh visibility panels on the front. In it was the collection of items my father had kept from his parents' possessions. Most of them were relics from the war, when my grandfather was McArthur's private doctor during the invasion of Japan. The cabinet had all sorts of little carved items, old hand-painted books, and sentimental bits like a bronzed baby shoe that was my father's as a child. I used to clean the cabinet obsessively several times a year throughout my childhood. I loved each item in there, memorizing them as I cleaned and rearranged them in the most pleasing shelf arrangements I could. I had a few favorites I would return to from time to time.

Fred Dibnah: Best of British (Again)

Fred Dibnah: Best of British (Again)

My entry for the "Best of British" class. Got first prize, and the Springett cup.

The tallest chimney is made of two cylindrical mango-wood vases, covered in brick patterned paper, which I smeared with matte enamel paint. Behind it is the second-tallest chimney, which is a plastic model railway chimneystack, with reindeer moss forming the smoke. The steam engine is a working Mamod one, although it isn't running here - apart from the risk of leaving it running unattended, the fact I've shoved stems down the chimney wouldn't help! The smallest chimney, hard to see, is behind the fence at the front - it's part of a tiny replica of a Cornish tin mine.

tall plastic flower vases

tall plastic flower vases

24" Slender Bamboo Floor Vase - Dark Emerald

This slender floor vase was handcrafted by artisans in Southeast Asia, who specialize in the craft of spun bamboo. Strips of bamboo have been curved into the shape of the oriental vase and pieced together using a special black adhesive, which can be seen as the horizontal stria that ring the vase. A natural twine circles the neck of each bud vase.The floor vase measures 24 tall x 7 diameter at its widest point.You have a choice of colors: Cocoa Brown (medium brown) and Dark Emerald (dark green). The bamboo vases can be purchased as a set together with the flowers. Click on the picture below to see more detail.Decorating Tip:This attractive floor vase is perfect for use with a simple arrangement of branches, or with delicate dried flowers as shown in the picture. The size and slender shape of the Asian vases, when paired together, can make a compelling statement at each side of a doorway, stairway or table.Bamboo vases cannot hold water. If you wish to use live plants or flowers you must first place those in a plastic or glass water container and then insert the container into the bamboo vase.As each vase is individually handcrafted, each piece may vary slightly in form or color.

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