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Sending Flowers To Dubai

sending flowers to dubai

sending flowers to dubai - Sending My

Sending My Heart Back Across the Years: Tradition and Innovation in Native American Autobiography

Sending My Heart Back Across the Years: Tradition and Innovation in Native American Autobiography

Using contemporary autobiography theory and literary, historical, and ethnographic approaches, Wong explores the transformation of Native American autobiography from pre-contact oral and pictographic personal narratives through late nineteenth-/early twentieth-century life histories to written contemporary autobiographies. This book expands the definition of autobiography to include non-written forms of personal narrative and non-Western concepts of self, highlighting the incorporation of traditional tribal modes of self-narration with Western forms of autobiography and charting the historical transition from orality to literacy.

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212 MEN by Carolina Herrera

212 MEN by Carolina Herrera

212 Men favorite eau de toilette ever all time, sold at Muscat Perfumes & Cosmetic outlets(Muscat Pharmacy), Sultanate of Oman

Distinct, innovative, elegant, and subtle, this warm fragrance offers a long-lasting sensuality. Inspired by the energy and international allure of New York, 212 Men fragrance is impeccably attired in a bottle inspired by the world's most refined objects. It is packaged in a carton of colors evoking those same key notes of energy, style, and panache.

Grapefruit, Ginger, Mandarin, Aquatic Molecules, Sandalwood, Guaiac Wood, Musk.

Carolina Herrera - Biography
She grew up in the family hacienda, where she played in a garden filled with every type of flowers. When the little girl breathed in the scent of those beautiful colourful flowers, she did not imagine that one day she would create one of the most famous perfumes of our time: 212.
However, flowers were not the only things that she loved as a child. Like her mother, Carolina has always adored animals. "I grew up surrounded by big and small dogs and when I was nine years old", she recalls, "I was given a beautiful puppy to look after. That is where my love of dogs come from".
Apart from her love of animals, her parents also instilled in her a sense of responsibility and the gift of organisation from an early age. She was at boarding school for a while, even though her most vivid memories are of the days spent at home: her cousins, parties, that kitchen which became an ideal place to let her imagination fly... Carolina recalls: "I adored the kitchen of that house, I loved to sit on a seat and watch what was going on there. I carefully examined each object as each of them contained their own world. It was an old place, similar to a cave. It took me back to the Middle Ages. It also was a laboratory where my grandmother, an excellent cook, managed to create the most unexpected and delicious flavours".
Yet, above all, what was deeply forged in those happy childhood days was the lasting feeling of belonging to a family to whom she is totally devoted. She is still very close to her sisters and in particular to her younger sister, Patricia, who she often telephones. Carolina and her father send each other numerous e-mails every week.
When she was very young, Carolina Herrera learnt to trust in herself and her instinct. Her imagination was more important than any toy when it came to playing. In fact, creativity is a fundamental part of her: "Creating things with my imagination as a child has helped a great deal in my work for the Carolina Herrera brand. To help in the birth of a product such as 212 or in the CH line of clothes requires a huge dose of imagination".
The British School of Caracas was where many hours of her childhood were spent. Times of learning: "When I started, I didn't speak a word of English. The first word I learnt was pillow. I was totally lost and I thought all the teachers were crazy. I still have my exercise books and I look at them from time to time". Her first school, the first homework… and her first boyfriend: a young man called Philippe.
When she was 12 years old, Carolina moved to New York with her parents. She had a British accent from her years at the British School of Caracas, which she soon had to adapt to the way that New Yorkers speak. There were many changes: uniform, girls' school, going by herself to school. "Changes, "she recalls "that my parents had to adapt to and give me more freedom and more free time. I started going out with my friends and boys telephoned me at home, but I also began to discover that marvellous city of New York, with its taxis, its subway, its parks, its museums… All of which I miss when I am away on a trip."
When she finished school, she went to college in Poughkeepsie, where she studied Bio-chemistry and Bio-psychology. When she graduated, she thought about continuing in this area and began to work in a laboratory at the Rockefeller University. "I then felt as if my heart was telling me that this was not the right thing for me. One evening, I meet a film director who was looking for a production assistant. We talked for a long time and, even though I told him that I had no experience of the film industry, he took me on". Two years later, Carolina moved to Los Angeles, where she spent three years working in the audiovisual industry: film and television production companies, photographers, etc. It was in 1997 when, she was just chatting with her mother one day, when the opportunity came up for her to help her mother launch a new perfume "I was thinking then", she explains " of moving to Europe. I wanted to live in Spain, together with my friend Victoria, to film a documentary on the young students at Madrid's School of Bullfighting and their dreams of afternoons of glory. The spirit of the new perfume, 212, evoked the New York that I so missed when I was trav

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

My beautiful roommate is celebrating her birthday this week, but since she'll be in London and I'll be in Toronto, I have to send out wishes early! She doesn't know it yet, but tomorrow morning she'll wake up to a living room full of balloons, a Cinderella banner (it was that or Spiderman) and most importantly... CUPCAKES! :)

My life in Dubai has dramatically improved since she's moved in. What a difference a good friend can make! Happy Birthday Kim!

(Don't worry.. she doesn't use Flickr!)

sending flowers to dubai

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